AI for Natural Conversational Interfaces.

Conversation Science blends state-of-the-art AI, storytelling, generative writing, and interaction to create the next generation of natural conversational interfaces.

Natural Conversational Interfaces.

At Conversation Science, we believe that conversational interfaces will become the most natural way to talk to your machines and devices and we are building the platform to make these conversations possible.

Natural Language Understanding

State of the art natural language processing for conversation analysis with support for 100+ languages in Sentiment and Entity Detection.

Intent Parsing

Converts natural language into machine readable data with a lightweight and streamlined approach that is designed to run on devices with limited computing resources.

Generative Narratives + Story Objects

Generative and automated narrative tools that create story objects from responses to questions or intent statements.

Messaging Integration

Simultaneously connect to multiple chat platforms. Build once, run everywhere.

Stored Memory Engine

A central memory for coordinating different messaging interactions.

Contextual Graph

A Contextual Graph Knowledge Base. A memory implementation of a Human Turing Machine Interface.

Natural Language Understanding

Conversation Science reads every interaction in real-time with a goal of human level reading comprehension. The best bots are driven by the naturalness of the bot as a conversationalist and human speech is a messy business, our goal is to understand it.


Accurately detect the user intent within conversations and map intents to actions.


Detect mentions of entities within conversations, everything from products to dates, to people, and places.


Sentiment and Emotion analysis of conversations and interactions in multiple languages with high accuracy.


Natural Conversational Interfaces

Conversation Science provides an intelligent interface to everything with new interaction models and generative storytelling objects.


Generative Visual Narratives and Story Objects

Conversation Science creates narratives and story objects for automated storytelling and dialog. Our platform powers NLU-enabled conversational applications and the creation of atomic applications, narratives, and stories.

Generative Text

Generate human comprehensible text as a response to a query.

Generative Narratives

Automatically generate visual narratives that tell stories with data.

Interactive Objects

Atomic applications that can be embedded within conversations and dialog.

Rich Interaction

Rich and elegant interactions.


Stored Memory Graph

Our brain is a graph database; it is the central memory that coordinates with different adapters, allowing it to be consistent across the platforms.
Human-like memory

The Stored Memory Graph is a human-like memory system for episodic and semantic memories. Memory is an essential component of conversational interfaces.


Makes TM operations tractable, contextualization restricts the scope to a manageable subgraph. The context filters are: privacy (public/private knowledge), entity, ranking, time, constraints, graph properties.


Ranking can use emotions and LSTM (long-short term memories) for efficient graph search.

Spend time focusing on what you want your bot or conversational interface to do.
Bots are multi-language, multi-platform, and with state-of-the-art AI capabilities.

For Software Companies

Embed conversational capabilities
within your products

Built on a solid AI platform, Conversation Science makes conversational interfaces just ‘work’.

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For Enterprise Organisations

Create the Next Generation
of interaction for the Enterprise.

We’ve kept organisations front-of-mind when developing Conversation Science, so expect a seamless integration with your systems.

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